Energy Management

Cooperation with External Energy Contractor

Owing to Ensytra, an energy company:

  • we are able to arrange for e-auctions  of electricity and natural gas in the fix or flexible form and to realize flexible energy procurement of these commodities on the stock exchange.
  • we record and manage data of consumption and costs for energy supplies; we review invoices for energy and recommend energy saving solutions; we optimise distribution rates, main circuit breaker size and reserved capacity.
  • we ensure compliance with all legal obligations, including energy performance certificates, energy audits or opinions as well as inspections of HVAC system.
  • we provide legal advice regarding energy law and advisory services to ensure consumer rights.
  • we offer EnergyBroker web application outputs to our clients, allowing to clearly record and evaluate all technical and business data in one place for all supply  points of consumption. These reports have the form of consumption graphs, costs, average prices or year-on-year comparison. All data can be exported to xls, pdf and csv formats.

Our Reference:

"Hodans also provides services of energy management with energy broker Ensytra. Ensytra arranged for e-auctions of gas and electricity of our portfolio in the years 2019 and 2020.  Compared to the previous year, we succeeded in significantly reducing the energy costs of our tenants.”

Petra Stehlíková, Asset Manager, Českomoravská nemovitostní, a.s.

Our Portfolio:

Commercial office building, Prague 5
Managed between 2017 and 2020