Accounting and Receivables

Professional Accounting Services for Property & Asset Management

  • Data in our accounting units are broken down as per accounting regulations as well as the needs of asset and property managers.
  • We can tailor reports/overviews to the needs of owners/managers.
  • Documents issued or received by ourselves always comply with leases/supply contracts and accounting regulations.

Professional Administration of Receivables

  • We have been successful in rent and charges collection at all buildings that are under our management.
  • We have a proven system that minimises creation of debts and makes their enforcement more effective. We carefully monitor payments and immediately approach tenants regarding their debts as soon as they arise. When somebody fails to pay, we are the first ones to communicate, enforce and constantly increase pressure that the payment is made.
  • We know the responses of debtors and potential behaviour patterns; we are able to respond to them and to find a solution in a timely manner.
  • If the debt recovery fails, we are able to assess whether, when and how to terminate the lease and how to treat the debt given the financial costs and time aspects (sale of the debt, court action regarding the amount due, trying to find an agreement) and to take the most suitable steps.

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Our Portfolio:

Mixed-use building property with retail, office and residential tenants, Prague 1, Managed since 2012


Residential building with premium retail units, Prague 1, Managed between 2017 and 2019