Facility Management

Facility & Project Management Altogether

We provide facility management services as well as project management in office, residential and mixed-use buildings. We carried out refurbishment of common areas, lift and windows replacement and roof renovation as well as fit-out projects.
Owing to our professional technical background, we are able:

  • to assess whether a technical solution is suitable.
  • to verify price offers and to eliminate the overpriced ones.
  • to recommend proven suppliers/contractors.
  • to refurbish or repair your property.

Case Studies:

Office building (6,500 sq. m of lettable areas) managed by ourselves (but we do not provide facility management). We have achieved significant savings for the owner of the property due to verification of price offers and review of proposed solutions.

Office building Price provided by the previous manager/facility management Implementation by Hodans SAVINGS
Garage redecoration CZK 304.986 CZK 150.000 CZK 154.986
Missing fire dampers installation CZK 82.600 CZK 37.300 CZK 45.300
Electric heater installation CZK 95.596 CZK 0,- (the heater was not necessary) CZK 95.596
Entrance area alterations CZK 161.745 CZK 57.850 CZK 103.895

Our Reference:

“Radek Hodaň has been providing technical property management for the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences since 2011. Thanks to him, we have the operation of the building and the costs under control. We appreciate that Radek is able to completely ensure also the project management of construction or refurbishment works from contractor tenders to the hand-over of the work.”

Ing. Pavel Janáček, PhD., director of the Institute of Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Our Portfolio:

Mixed-use building property with retail, office and residential tenants, Prague 1, Managed since 2012


Institute of Czech Literature of the CAS, office building Prague 1, Managed since 2013